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Welcome Aboard!

Let your next fly fishing or light tackle adventure start aboard Least Coast Anglers 

Let Least Coast Anglers create a memorable fishing adventure proudly teaming up with Capt James Browne for fall Albie trips check him our @


A Unique Adventure

After years of struggles trying to catch tuna with a fly rod I came to realize that a tuna on any tackle is fun. Jig and pop for both yellow and bluefin is an amazing experience for anyone willing to put in the effort. If the stars align fly shots can be had for the patent angler and it can lead to the fish of a lifetime. If tugging on something big with a flyrod is a goal there is no safer bet than a day of shark fishing. The usual suspects are blue sharks but the chances for exotics are there. I have fed hooks and feathers to Mako sharks in both the gulf of Maine and points south. A jumping Mako is rite there with any other fish that swims in the ocean.  


Reel Fishing

It all begins in May with the arrival of schoolie striped bass. As June rolls in so do some larger fish. The real excitement comes in July as larger bass are settling in, water temps rise sharks and tuna are all in the cards. August comes and it is full throttle pelagic playground. Tuna, mahi and all species of sharks come out to play. The real fun starts in September with my favorite fishes arrival. The perfect flyrod and light tackle fish the false albacore. This game go's well into October as well as opportunity's for bluefin throughout New England.    

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